I just wanted to take a moment and say how much I have enjoyed working on this important project with the 3 of you. This was a HUGE undertaking and key to our business but the project went very smoothly and the end product is EXCELLENT! In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that I LOVE IT! It’s already helped me in several ways and I’m confident that others will appreciate this document too! I’d say my fingers are crossed for a quick and easy review process but I know I don’t need to cross my fingers for this project. Fantastic stuff! With appreciation and awe.
- Senior Research Director, Global HO, Pharma

This looks great, we will consider this the final document. I want to thank you and your team for all of your hard work the end of this year, we kept adding scope to our Burden of Illness documents and asking more of all of you, and you delivered on time with high quality. I hope you all realize what an important role and contributor you are to helping patients. Thank you for all that you do, you are a pleasure to work with and enjoy the holidays!
- Senior Scientist, Global HO, Pharma

I really believe you are one of the best consultants for literature reviews and creating pertinent value dossiers.
- Global Head of Value and Access, Pharma

Tessa has provided consistently excellent deliverables on time and to agreed specification across a number of distinct projects. She has demonstrated strong expertise across projects ranging from reimbursement and clinical evidence strategy development to technical literature reviews and writing of value dossiers and evidence summaries in lay language. She shows great versatility and creativity and fits easily into teams, building relationships quickly in order to meet project goals. I highly recommend this well-run professional health outcomes consultancy.
- Vice President, International Reimbursement & Health Economics Team, Pharma Company

Look, if you ever, ever need anyone to help you get your act together, and need people who really know their stuff, call Tess or Matt at KMHO. KMHO are a beautifully hidden HEOR P&R/Market access diamond.
- Vice President, Global HO Team, Pharma Company

I wanted to tell you that the rest of the comments I have had as well (e.g. from my HE/RBT colleague in the strategic business unit) are very impressed and appreciative.

- Associate Director, Pharma

I want to say already now; thank you so much for everything, it was a great pleasure working together, I am extremely pleased with the way you understood what we were aiming for and delivered just that!
- Director, Pharma

The review is very impressive. The changes made truly added to the value of the paper. Please see attached for a few changes I made. I did not see any problems related to the supplementary material. Hope everyone finds this review beneficial. Thanks.
- Executive Medical Director