What KMHO Provide

Value dossiers

KMHO has delivered more than 30 value dossiers for both pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The format of these documents varies according to client needs; they may be supplemented with other outputs such as slide kits and objection handlers.

We are highly skilled at developing a value story and supporting messages but can also work with an existing value story if this has already been defined.  In some cases the messages and dossier content will be tested with payers as part of the development process.

These dossiers have been successfully delivered across a range of therapy areas and have included drugs, devices and medical technologies (e.g. remote monitoring).    We have worked on dossier across the development lifecycle from pre-launch to post-launch.

We work flexibly in terms of approach (e.g. type of literature review that informs the content), and format (e.g. value message driven or HTA submission structure) to ensure that the design of every document meets our client’s needs. 

All data included in the dossier are double checked by someone external to the research/writing team (with annotations if required) and a professional desk editor is involved throughout the process.