What KMHO Provide

Development of health outcomes and market access strategy

Assimilation phase – the identification and analysis of the existing health economics and PRO evidence base. The exact method would be tailored to the client’s specific needs but could involve reviewing published literature (peer-reviewed and internet-based), critically summarising competitor data, performing case-study analysis, and undertaking qualitative research with key opinion leaders.

Assessment phase – understanding the opportunities and challenges that will exist given the external environment, current evidence base and product profile. To assist this evaluation, KMHO would review the product’s clinical development and product plan and would consider the following types of questions.

  • Do current incentive systems hinder or encourage uptake of this product?
  • Do the registration trials provide the information that payers will be seeking?
  • What outcome measures are needed to demonstrate value?
  • Against which comparators do health economics arguments need to be developed?
  • Are there existing economic models that are well accepted and validated?
  • How can health outcomes data outside the trial setting (e.g. from a standalone utility study) be used to demonstrate the product’s value?
  • Has the unmet medical need been demonstrated?
  • How can health outcomes data support marketing activities?
  • What data are advocacy groups seeking?

Delivery of solution – the development of a health outcomes strategy that would position the product optimally for market access.